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[IP] Re: Loving Life

Enough (for now) about hating diabetes. I love life! And now that Type I is a 
daily reality, that means loving insulin.

I love insulin! Always. Every single minute of every single day. No 
exceptions. Sure, insulin has its down side (don't most things?), like the 
way it invites excess fat storage. :-) But insulin *is* life for those of us 
with IDDM, whether we inject or pump it, take >15 or <75 units as our TDD, 
have Type 1 or Type 2, or depend on a parent's help for injecting/pumping 
insulin or manage our own care. Talk about a gift!

I love pumping! Though I realize this method of insulin delivery is not for 
everyone, I can't help encouraging others to try it out if they have access 
to good training, supervision, and support while getting started. After the 
initial adjustment period, my earlier reservations about the pump 
disappeared. The difference between pumping and injecting, I discovered, is 
huge; in the long run, once I became knowledgeable about pumping insulin, I 
found it's quicker, easier, less painful, and less intrusive than MDI--all 
the things people on this list have claimed it to be, and more. Within a few 
weeks, "hooking up" soon became as old hat as injecting, in my experience. 
Concerns about tubing, the requisite 24-hour mechanical connection, and 
stigma (i.e., appearing like a patient wearing a medical device) were soon 
replaced with a big "Wow! I can do this! Look at me! I'm wearing an insulin 
pump and I love it!" 

I love life! I love insulin! I love pumping! And while I don't love diabetes, 
I love living at a time when technology and medical research have combined to 
make continuous insulin delivery--life itself--available to me.

dx'd Type 1 2/02 at age 49; pumping since 10/02 
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