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Re: [IP] hiding the Paradigm

I have a MM508 which is a little bigger I think than the paradigm.  I remove
the clip and place the pump in a newborn baby sock.  I like the cotton ones
from Old Navy because they are soft, absorbent, and inexpensive.  I then
place the pump between my breasts inside the bra.  I found that if I clipped
it, the clip showed through what I was wearing.

As for bras...I have two types.  The first type that I use when dressing up,
like in dresses, or a slim fitting blouse that pump doesn't fit at waistband
with.  This type is a Victoria's Secret bra that has a thick "divider" (not
sure what you call the cloth between the cups).  This hold the pump snug to
me.  The other type of bra that I like to wear is a similar to a sports bra.
The pump is a little looser in there, but the coverage is the same.  I find
that unless my top is really tight, the pump doesn't show through.  Then
again I am a 34C so there is some room there.  ;-)

I use the sock for two reasons, the first is reduce the irratation to my
skin.  My skin is ultra sensitive and I find that I start to have a reaction
to the pump being in there after a while.  The second is to soak up the
sweat so that when I pull the pump out it isn't slimy itself.  :-)  Most of
the occasions where I dressed up in the past invovled dances, corporate
dinners, and family gatherings.  All sweat related activities.  :-)

I know that others have bought the padded bras and removed some of the
padding and slipped the pump in there.  This works if you are "smaller" and
wear a padded bra.  In my case it makes me look like a DD and I just can't
pull that off without laughing hystarically or getting strange looks from
family and friends.

Hope that helps,
-- Sherry
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