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[IP] Re: IP Stigmatizing

 I want to say thanks to everyone who has responded to my emails about not
wanting to be attached to the pump, etc. [Sherry, quit procrastinating, grad
students don't procrastinate YEAH RIGHT! :-)] I do appreciate everyone's
feedback and experiences. Sometimes it is really great to learn from other's bad
and good experiences so you don't have to live through the bad one's yourself. I
do understand the bias towards pumping on this listserv and think that it is
pretty common across people with diabetes to have a bias towards pumping cause
it sounds like it has really been a lifesaver (almost literally) for many
people. I also think that my more negative attitude about pumping and diabetes
is very prominent this week because I am waiting (anxiously) to find out if I am
pregnant. There is definitely some resentment there about having to be so alert
about it because of the BS's than a non-diabetic. So, that kinda colors
everything I am doing right now. Not only that but i!
  f I am not pregnant than I have PMS hormones coloring everything a bright red
also. I have also only talked to my husband for a total of 10 minutes since
Sunday and that is not really conducive to me venting to him. Sorry you all got
the brunt of it. About pumping, I was supposed to do a saline trial with the
Paradigm like a month ago and my CDE has never contacted me like she said she
would. I also have been so busy with school that I have not contacted her to
follow-up. I plan on doing that soon so I can go through a few days with a pump
on to feel what it feels like. I have no problem telling people I am diabetic
and showing them how I do my shots, etc. so I don't think I would mind a pump
for that reason. I am having a hard time narrowing down which one I would want
(like you Kristen, I think I am second guessing every time I come to a
decision). I know I want waterproof (I am a beach baby) and vibrate (so it
doesn't beep in class or session.) Beyond that wh!
 o knows.  My CDE is very good about telling the pros and cons of the p
 umps in at least a semi-neutral way so she has been helpful. It is very helpful
to read posts describing the pros and cons of the different pumps from
everyone's viewpoints. Okay, sorry to go on so long. I have really used up my
quota of words this week. :-) Have a great day,Kristen24 yo, T1 5 monthsttc #1,
cycle 1

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