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[IP] Re: Re: Diabetes, Pumping and Dieting HELP!

In a message dated 4/10/03 11:12:57 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Their main reason is that DKA needs three components to happen
(1) ketones, (2) dehydration, and (3)high blood sugar.  With Atkins you
loose weight by having ketones, so you are now more vulnerable to DKA
because you only need two of the components for DKA to happen.  >>

This diet may not be for everyone, but Atkins recommends drinking at least 8 
8oz glasses of water in a day--so no dehydration.

My bg doesn't seem to rise with protein and fat--so no high bgs.

Yes, I have ketones, but without the other 2 things it may not be a problem, 
and my kidneys are ok. 

Anyone limiting their carbs to a very low amount is essentially doing the 
same thing.  For the first 2 weeks you are limited to 20 grams of carbs/day. 
After that, you can increase them by 5 grams/week until you start gaining 
weight, and then you cut back by 5 grams of carb. That is how you figure how 
many carbs your body requires to maintain a good weight. 

There is an Atkins web site which has a list of foods and their carb count. 
He recommend avoiding carbs with high glycemic indexes.

It is an individual thing and for me, it is pretty easy since I have to count 
carbs anyway. Without the pump it would be impossible.

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