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Re: [IP] Re: counting carbs and TAB

At 02:25 AM 4/11/03 +0000, jspock @shore.net wrote:
 >>Subject: [IP] carb counting
 >>I loved Tab, one of these days I'll have to buy it again and see if it
 >> >still tastes as good. I also still think about the old exchanges when
 >>I calculating carbs as I have diabetes for 37 years.

I loved it too.  And they had one of the best songs in advertisement history.

Tab! (Tab cola!) What a beautiful drink!
Tab! (Tab cola!) for beautiful people!
Tab! (Tab cola!) you're beautiful to me!
(Sixteen ounces has just one calorie!)

My (non-diabetic) roommate used to walk around the apartment lilting it in 
her beautiful soprano.

And just to keep this on topic, my blood sugar was 112 at 6:30pm today!  I 
haven't seen a number like that in weeks and I'm hoping that this is the 
start of a new trend.

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