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[IP] Re: Hating diabetes

<<I know many people who have been diagnosed with cancer and have had to 
underdo agonizing chemo or surgery, but who are now cured.  I do not know 
anyone with diabetes who has been so blessed.  I consider that a problem as 


When my daughter was dx at age 2, I said to my best friend, "well, thank 
goodness it wasn't cancer".  She replied, that she would pick the cancer if 
she had the choice for her child.  She knew about diabetes as part of her 
medical training, had had a diabetic roommate in university and was herself a 
cancer survivor.  She told me that most childhood cancers are now survivable. 
 Her comment really made me think.....

A few weeks ago I met a person with the closest thing to a cure for diabetes. 
 He was Number 4 on the Edmonton Islet Cell transplant.  For the past several 
years he has been living with perfect bgs and eating anything he wants, 
without any exogenous insulin.   Perhaps someday when there are better 
immunosuppresant drugs and a source of supply of islet cells, this outcome 
will be available for most all of us...

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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