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[IP] Re: Hating diabetes---mountain climbing

> <<That's only the 2nd thing in my life I couldn't
> do because of diabetes.  The 1st is to climb Mt.
> Everest but my insulin would freeze.  Implantable
> pumps won't work at that altitude.  >>

Hi Gail,
       Last year I went to hear a really awesome young woman speak about her 
experience as a diabetic mountain climber.  She was with an international 
diabetes group that climbed Mount Acaguanda (?) (I can't remember the name 
exactly) in Argentina.  About half the group were pumpers, the others on 
shots.  Only some made it to the summit, I think all of these were pumpers.  
Insulin in the pumps didn't freeze, but some left away from body heat did, 
and plenty of strips were frozen into uselessness.  So maybe if you can't do 
Everest, you can do a little bit smaller mountain!  Good luck.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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