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Re:[IP] itchy, irritated sites -- Allergist visit

On Thursday, April 10, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have an allergy to the preservatives in insulin so pumping either
> humalog or Novalog is out of the question. It is the amount of insulin
> that goes into one site that creates a reaction for me. I need about 
> 120
> units a day so to lessen the reaction and to keep a site from burning
> the minute I change sites I use Humalin Regular in a U500.

Interesting.  I have had a couple other people tell me that they had to 
limit the amount of insulin per site.  While I have had more problems 
with sites where I was giving really big boluses, I don't THINK I am 
going to be able to solve anything this way, since I reacted to a site 
with basal insulin only, using injections for boluses.  I don't have a 
high TDD (used to average in low 20s), although it has been much higher 
lately, which could be another indication of a reaction to insulin.  
And my bg has seemed to be getting progressively lower ever since I 
took the antihistamines.

Linda Z
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