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Re:[IP] itchy, irritated sites -- Allergist visit

On Thursday, April 10, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> Have you tried switching to the "other" insulin-analog? You didn't
> say which you are using, but switching from one to the other may fix
> the problem. There are two other list members that have had similar
> reactions and solved the problem in this manner.
Thanks, Michael, but, <gr.> having been an i-p member for years, it was 
one of the first things I thought of.  No difference. :-(

I've been posting for several weeks now about all the things I have 
tried: different sets, different (and no) preps, different (and no) 
tapes, saline in the pump (which had looked initially as if it was 
going to give me a reaction, but then I was able to wear it for 3 days 
without itching).

Linda Z
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