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Re: [IP] Tethered to a Pump/Pump Dorks

Do you mean actually quit work and go home?I have
forgotten spare supplies occasionally + had infusion
sets go bad on me,but I've always keep a spare vial of
insulin/and syringe to get me through the day,(except
once,when my set went bad,and I'd no insulin/syringe
on hand,that time I had to be "excused" to a trip to
the ER)should that happen.Going home is not an option
at my work.."Gee,think my infusion set is bad,I'm
going home,see ya in about an hour and half," without
taking a chunk out of time I wouldn't want to waste on
that in the first place.When that happens,I generally
just take makeup shots for the rest of the day.(if
I've run out of spare set changes at my desk)Don't
feel stupid,I once pulled out 3 sets in an hour..
--- Artorius Rex <email @ redacted> wrote:
> <Danger, rhetorical question>
> Speaking of pump dorks, how many times have you had
> to excuse yourself from
> work or other activities for a while because you've
> managed to yank out your
> infusion site and didn't happen to have a spare one
> with you?
> I managed to do it the other day just putting my
> hands in my front pants 
> pockets.  This was one of those good days when I had
> spare supplies at
> my desk.  I still felt stupid.  =)
> -Brent

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