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Re: [IP] Tethered to a Pump/Pump Dorks

<Danger, rhetorical question>

Speaking of pump dorks, how many times have you had to excuse yourself from
work or other activities for a while because you've managed to yank out your
infusion site and didn't happen to have a spare one with you?

I managed to do it the other day just putting my hands in my front pants 
pockets.  This was one of those good days when I had spare supplies at
my desk.  I still felt stupid.  =)


--- Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted> wrote:
>  My personal opinion,unless you look like Miss America
> no one will ask you what it is..I have beeped,buzzed
> and dropped my tubing and pump in so many situations
> during two years of pumping and not once has someone
> asked me what it was,(except if they'd seen one
> before)just given me funny looks.
>  Heidi(proud to be a pumping dork:-)
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