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[IP] IV 3000

I have a young friend that
started pumping yesterday, and they have taught her to use IV3000 with a
Sil.  Does anyone else do this with Sils.

Sharon Wrote:
I have used the IV3000 with the sils by folding them in half (lengthwise so
you can utilize the tape and tabs to make it workable) and cutting a circle
big enough for the sil connection but not too big to cover the tape. Then cute
along the fold so you have two half pieces with a center cut out - Almost Just
like you would to cut a valentines heart like in elementary school. I don't do
that anymore because it doesn't seem to help and the IV 3000 is not as
breathable as the sils tape causing more sweating problems for me. There are
things that they teach you in elementary school that still stick with you at a
later age (teacher appreciation for all those teachers out there). Take care
and happy pumping. Sharon B
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