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Re: [IP] Re: Hating Diabetes

>    But for me it makes no more sense to hate diabetes than to hate
> curly hair.  You have to handle the cards you are dealt--complaining
> won't get you a new deal.  Or as my dear Jewish mother used to say,
> "We all have our cross to bear."

Finally, a perspective I can relate to.  It is easy to forget that
*everybody* has one problem or another.  Life isn't perfect.  While other
people may not have diabetes, chances are they have struggles.  They may be
struggles we don't even know about, but they are there.  They have them.

If it wasn't diabetes, it would be something else.  That's life.

I am never more miserable or unproductive than when I engage in self pity.
And I KNOW that's true, because, unfortunately, I HAVE spent months, years
wallowing in it!  So I speak, here, to myself as well as everybody else.
(My episodes of self pity have usually been related to other areas of life,
but once in a while diabetes, too.)

When I find myself thinking that way, I have to recognize it and choose to
put such thoughts out of my head.  Then I can actually enjoy life -- along
with the crosses it inevitably brings.

There are problems in life, some of them totally unrelated to physical
health, that simply ARE worse than diabetes.  (How'd ya like to be a Jew in
Hilter's Germany, for instance?)

You've got to take what life deals out and make the best of it.  And avoid
dwelling on what might have been, since life doesn't offer do overs.
Sometimes that's pretty hard to do, but it is well worth the effort!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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