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RE: [IP] itchy, irritated sites -- Allergist visit

I forgot to bring up the possibility of using Regular insulin 
again, or velosulin, if they still make it  (it had struck me as 
something to try, but I don't really want to, because it always had an 
unpredictable tail of action on me, and I can be so much better 
controlled on the designer insulins).

Linda Z


I have an allergy to the preservatives in insulin so pumping either
humalog or Novalog is out of the question. It is the amount of insulin
that goes into one site that creates a reaction for me. I need about 120
units a day so to lessen the reaction and to keep a site from burning
the minute I change sites I use Humalin Regular in a U500. It means for
every 1 unit of volume I pump I am actually getting 5 units of insulin.
I just switched to an Animas pump because I do smaller doses. I was
hoping that Minimed would have kept their promise to come out with a
rapid acting insulin in a U200 or U300, but to date the only insulin
that is higher than U100 is the regular.

But since switching I have had no problems with skin reactions except
when I forget to divide up a Humalog bolus of more than 20 units.

Gail DOnohue
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