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[IP] itchy, irritated sites -- Allergist visit

Just came home from the allergist.  The rash currently on my forearms 
(it has been around <gr.>) looks to him like a reaction to a drug, and 
with my itchy, irritated sites story, he is treating it as an insulin 
allergy.  He says he has treated 2 pump patients for insulin allergy, 
but they both had hard spots where the infusion sites had been, which I 
don't.  One he treated with a steroid in the pump (I forget just how -- 
I was too involved in telling him about my inappropriate reaction to 
cortisone in October, so he decided that it wouldn't be appropriate for 
me).  He did do an immunoglobulin test (to be sent out),as well as skin 
tests  that came out negative, and prescribed both Allerga and Zyrtec, 
as well as Zantac, and I am supposed to go back in a month.  He warned 
me that it might get worse (and, of course, it has been a progressive 
thing from the first), but of course he  doesn't really know what it is 
or what will happen.  He actually spoke of the possibility of using 
animal insulin, but goodness knows where I could even get it these 
days.  I forgot to bring up the possibility of using Regular insulin 
again, or velosulin, if they still make it  (it had struck me as 
something to try, but I don't really want to, because it always had an 
unpredictable tail of action on me, and I can be so much better 
controlled on the designer insulins).

Linda Z
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