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[IP] RE:[P] difficulties with the Cosmo reminders

Dear Kristen,
You said:
>I'm thinking I'm going to have to disable it every night before I eat before 
bed and re-enable it in the morning.  The key will be remembering to do so.  
I fear I will forget. Any tips on how to get a very absent minded person to 
remember to start a new habit every day?!<

What is the first thing you do on waking in the AM? Put a reminder note at 
that location. Also, put one on your bathroom mirror, and on the kitchen 
cupboard door, or the refrigerator. After a few days of doing this, you might 
have a new habit established.

Another thought: When this pump is you own pump, and not a loaner, it will be 
your new baby. Your "sleeping ears" might be more tuned in for alarms at that 

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