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[IP] Re: Hating Diabetes

Venting one's anger about chronic physiological affliction (in this case, 
insulin dependent diabetes--an illness with pervasive effects that impacts no 
two people in exactly the same way) is different from being frustrated about 
curly hair. Being able to consciously say/scream/journal, "I hate diabetes" 
at times can be a very useful coping tool. Doing this, at least for me, has 
been healthier than remaining in denial. 

Perhaps, in acquiring this disease as an adult, I am more aware of what I 
have recently lost, as well as what I am now gaining, due to living with Type 
1 diabetes. One thing I know for sure: I'm not a wimp just because I 
sometimes say with tears in my eyes, "I hate diabetes." This seems to me a 
courageous response in the face of fully grieving one's losses.

While I remain continually thankful for the varied gifts this particular 
affliction brings, my gratitude does not preclude my God-given ability to 
creatively express my feelings rather than bury them alive. For a wonderful 
illustration of our Maker's loving approval of such "self-pitying" behavior, 
please see the Psalms.
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