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[IP] Hating Diabetes - Tethered to a Pump

Kirsten wrote:

snip<When I have messed with my pump in public, people ask me if that's my
I don't know if I ever recall anyone figuring out on their own what it was.
I have worn it in my pocket for years, with the tubing going from my pocket
to my waist.  I think I have, in 12.5 years, had two people ask about it.
  But if you are on the fence, I'd urge you to give it a try.  No one will
hold a gun
to your back and force you to continue using it if it makes you miserable!
Try it for six weeks or two months.  See how you feel, the flexibility that
it gives.  Does that compensate for having an object on a leash at your side
at all times?  If not, then quit!  But you never know unless you try how it
will make you feel.>snip

I agree totally!  I have also worn my pump in my pants pocket for 3 1/2 years
with the tubing hanging from the waist (shirt tucked in) to my pocket and in
all that time no one has EVER asked what it is.  We think everyone is noticing
it, etc. but in reality most people are so busy with their own
lives-thoughts-problems they don't even notice.  I did have one lady sitting
behind me in church one day giving me funny looks when I had on an ALL black
outfit so the tubing really showed, but she never said a word - just funny
looks (which I love because it probably gave her something to talk/worry about
all day).
Anyway - my CDE strongly "suggested" for six months that I get a pump before I
got over the mental part of not wanting something attached to me, etc.  She
finally told me - Hey - try it - if you don't like it, you can just give it
back to me and she would work it out with insurance, etc.   Well, you know she
couldn't possibly deal with my ins. for me on that part, but she was SO
convinced it would work for me that she pretty much told me if I didn't like
it she would buy it from me!  Well I thought with a deal like that - who could
go wrong!  It only took a day or two of wearing it and being able to exercise,
etc. and no one in the world would be able to get my pump away from me.
Obviously the CDE knew that would happen and thus she could "bargain" with me
that she would buy it back from me!  Seems strange, but somehow that one
comment from her was the deciding factor in my deciding to get my pump.  She
guaranteed me she had made the offer to others before, and to date no one had
ever  given their pump back yet!!   I will never forget her Kindness and
Persistence.  I feel I owe a lot of my health to her for continual prodding on
the pump issue!  If you are reading this Nancy - THANKS AGAIN!
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