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Re: [IP] Re:Hating Diabetes

> >I am not
> >on the pump yet because I currently feel like it would
> >be too stigmatizing for me.  That I couldn't pass as
> >non-diabetic if I went on it.

I was thinking about this. I went off the pump for 2 years because of this 
exact reasoning. But I am back on and honestly I feel less "diabetic" then I 
did on MDI. Why? I just use my remote for my paradigm which is always hidden 
in my bra to give me some insulin. Many times i have just had my hands in my 
jacket and bolus via the remote and nobody knows the difference. I don't have 
to worry about when I eat or what I eat. As a college student my schedule is 
constantly changing. I have less extremes (highs and lows) that make me feel 
like crappola thus reminding me of this dreaded disease. Yes I am connected 
to a machine 24/7 but somehow as a 21 (22 in a month!) year old it is less 
resticting then it was as an 11 year old. Do yourself a favor look into pumps 
and trial as many as you can. Give it a try, you will realize that pumping 
will change your life and let you live more like a non-diabetic then you do 
on MDI.

off my soapbox

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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