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Re: [IP] SpectRx Simple Choice

While we're on the subject of new infusion sets, does anyone here know the
current status of the Disetronic Diaport (a surgically implanted percutaneous
port)?  My endo had never heard of it.  This sounds like it could be very
useful in eliminating subcutaneous site problems (especially for those of us
with few sites to place it, including many children) by eliminating the need
for infusion sets altogether and improving the speed and consistency of
insulin absorption in the process.  The Disetronic website only indicates that
the DiaPort is commercially available in Europe, but is pending FDA submission
and approval.  Does this mean it has not even been submitted to the FDA for
approval?  What are they waiting for here, the FDA is sooooo slow.  Perhaps
the recent acquisition by Roche may speed things along.  Anyone have any more
info on this?  I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks.

Dx'd T1 1976 at age 7, pumping w/ Animas R1000 since 6/2002


The sites fit all Luer, are minimally invasive.  I saw an ad for them with the
site around ribcage area and phoned them.  They did send a Simple Choice
pamphlet with Alternative Insulin Delivery Products.  Even a Micro Pump in 3
versions down the road!

The site has "multiple infusion sites, controlled infusion depth".  It will be
360 degree rotation at site.  Infusion sets have "smart tubing" which reduces
kinking & bulkiness, stable connect & release at site, would have to see the
"FeatherEdge introducer needle to see how it works.

Whether ins will pay for it when it is available (Just says 2003).
Interesting things coming. I do not work for or hold interest in company. This
is for information only.

Linda K
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