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Re: [IP] Hating Diabetes

>>>Personally - I NEVER had any of those "nagging fears"
that you refer to.  My parents never ever made
diabetes out to be something horrible or that I was
suffering because of it.  It was simply the way it
was.  Still is.>>>

I guess this backs up my point about the parents' attitudes. I'm the one who
was told to get dressed, I'd feel better when breathing acetone fumes. My
demise was subtly referred to often. How does one as a teen get past what
has been instilled for several years by a parent? The *you can do anything
you set your mind to* attitude doesn't fly when you live under a doom/gloom

No camps, no clubs, no sleepovers, no life. YMMV

BTW, Mom died 3/14/03 at age 87.

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