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Re: [IP] Hating Diabetes

In a message dated 4/10/03 1:31:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> I know many people who have been diagnosed with cancer and have had to 
> underdo agonizing chemo or surgery, but who are now cured.  I do not know 
> anyone with diabetes who has been so blessed.  I consider that a problem as 
> well.

     My having "been there, done that" two cents: ....5 years ago this week I 
had my 4th & final round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. When friends 
"marvelled" at how well I was "coping" with my surgery, 4 hospitalizations in 
6 wks, hair loss, chemo, etc(duh - did I have a choice to decline?) my 
response was always the same" G-d willing, what I'm enduring is finite, 
whereas what my child goes through NEVER ENDS......AND for the most part it 
was also "predictable" - i.e. I was told that on the 19th day after chemo #1, 
I'd lose all my hair - and I did...that my final chemo would be Friday April 
10th - and it was......The only part about diabetes that's "predictable" is 
that's it's UNpredictable....
   As for "curing" diabetes, I have now heard about 8 of the islet transplant 
patients speak publicly, but the most poignant one was last week- a woman who 
was completely off insulin for 6 months before she - as had 3 others of the 
21 patients transplanted at DRI in Miami - had to resume taking small amounts 
to control their blood sugars. She told us that when she got that call to 
resume insulin injections, she told her doctors that they had "broken her 
heart".  Nonetheless, she is grateful to have had the procedure, to be "free" 
of hypoglycemic episodes, & is optimistic that a third infusion of donor 
islets will restore her euglycemia.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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