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[IP] Re: Pumping and Dieting HELP!

This is in response to dieting on the pump. I'm sure
everyone is different but this is what I've
experienced. I wanted to drop 15 pounds. I'm not way
overweight, just wanted to go from like 155 to 140. I
started doing the adkins diet and the weight came off,
I ended up at like 135. But that was when the problems
started....I started feeling very weak. I was
supplementing with vitamins the whole time but that
didn't help. I started feeling sick and one day just
started throwing up. I couldn't stop so I went to the
emergency room. I ended up spending the night there.
They told me I was in ketosis......what you are
supposed to do on the Adkins diet. I don't know why my
body couldn't handle it like a normal persons. Well I
didn't learn and I tried the same thing again last
year. Same thing happened after a month or so I got
real sick and ended up in the ER again. Another thing
my BGs were fine the whole time. Now I just do a
"medium" carb diet. I keep it around 100 grams a day
and try to have most of my carbs in the breakfast and
lunch hours.  I also would like to know if anyone else
has gotten sick  while Adkins dieting. I don't know if
it's just me or if type 1s can't do it in general.

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