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[IP] IV3000

When I started pumping, I started with the soft set infusion set.  I also
was taught to use IV3000, and to tape down a safety loop on my tubing.  Now
that I use Sils and Quicksets I don't do either.  I have a young friend that
started pumping yesterday, and they have taught her to use IV3000 with a
Sil.  Does anyone else do this with Sils.  My young friend is 10 years old
and is taking everything in stride, but her mother is a nervous wreck,
understandably so.  When I went live with insulin during my pump start, I
was so nervous my blood pressure went thought the roof.  I can only imagine
how scary it is for a parent to have a child with diabetes, and have to let
them out the door to depend on others to watch over them.

I'd appreciate any words of wisdom about the IV3000.
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