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[IP] Difficulties with the Cozmo reminders

I think I mentioned one day a while back a problem I was having with the
Cozmo.  I had the alarm, at that time, set to vibrate, and at night, I thought
it had failed to alert me two hours after my last bolus.  Instead it
"reminded" me three hours later.

The next day, when I took care to notice when the reminders occurred, they
were consistently on time.  The problem wasn't the Cozmo.  The problem was
with me, its user!  I am a very heavy sleeper.  I didn't rouse that night
until an hour after it started telling me to check.

The next night, it vibrated for three or four hours before I noticed.  I also
discovered that the battery power was, understandably, only half of full
capacity.  (I started with it a new battery.)  When it alerts, the backlight
comes on automatically, and the beep/vibration goes off once every minute
until acknowledged.  I think the backlight lasts for something like sixty
seconds after it is begun.  I was using the backlight and the vibration both
for a significant portion of the night!

Time to try an auditory alarm.  Just like the vibrate one, that worked well
for one night or two.  Then I had it go something like four hours last night.

I seem to be conditioning myself, unintentionally of course, to ignore the
reminders in my sleep.  I need to remain sensitive to them.  I'm thinking I'm
going to have to disable it every night before I eat before bed and re-enable
it in the morning.  The key will be remembering to do so.  I fear I will

Any tips on how to get a very absentminded person to remember to start a new
habit every day?!

Of course, if anybody has any ideas on becoming a *little* less of a heavy
sleeper, I'm willing to listen to that, too!  You normally think of being a
heavy sleeper as a good thing.  I can tell you it isn't always.  Sometimes it
is pretty bad!  I require an alarm clock with a volume suitable to wake the
dead.  In the dorm in college, my alarm was called "the alarm clock from
hell."  I had girls half way down the hall from me tell me that they woke to
my alarm that morning!  Not good!

I become a light sleeper only by virtue of childbirth, and remain so for five
or six months.  Then my heavy sleeping returns.  I can sleep through just
about anything.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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