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[IP] I think I made my decision -- long, as usual

Well, I have enjoyed using the Cozmo and for a couple of days agonized over
the decision.  I felt like my choice was between the very attractive features
the Cozmo was offering me, versus the second to none customer service that
Animas offers.

I talked to two people who influenced what I decided.  I talked to my mom, who
told me, once I got it, not to second-guess my decision.  Make my selection
and don't look back.  I also talked with the Logimedix rep, who has selected
the Cozmo as her first pump.  She said she wanted to choose the one with the
best technology available since she was going to have it for four years.

That made sense to me, and so did my mother's.  Don't second guess.  What
would make me second guess either decision?  If I bought the Animas, I would
likely question my decision, especially early on.  Was it a good idea to pass
up reminders to check my blood sugar, especially after how much trouble I had
remembering to check post prandial ones during my last pregnancy?  I truly
INTENDED to check after most every meal, but rarely remembered to do so.

On the other hand, if I chose the Cozmo, there is one thing that would make me
question that choice.  If it proved unreliable; if it failed me more than one
time or two, I would be inclined to question the wisdom of going with a new

I decided to take a gamble.  If I passed up the reminders the Cozmo offers
needlessly, that would be MY mistake.  But if I chose to take it, and it kept
messing up on me time and again, well, that would be Deltec's failure, not
mine!  So I'm getting the Cozmo.

I do have a couple of issues with the Cozmo, though, that concern me.  One
I'll mention now and the other I'll do a separate message on.  Here is the
first.  I know some people here have had lots of trouble, with the process
taking months on end, getting it.  If I don't have it by June 1, with the
insurance billed and hopefully agreeing to pay for it by then, I'm done for.
There is no way I can pay $3500 out of my own pocket, and then pay for the
rest of my supplies for the year out of pocket on top of that.

I have asked the Logimedix people how long this should take, and I am told it
usually takes five to six weeks, however, they can expedite it if necessary
and seem to be willing to do that.  I have asked that they do so and plan to
make a royal pest of myself about it.  I don't want to take any chances on it
not coming through.  I want to try to get this completely taken care of BEFORE
June 1, with some time to spare, so I don't have to panic about it.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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