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[IP] glucowatch

Hi!    I have tried the glucowatch, and I want one! I really like the
fact that you could see where your numbers were going, I also wore the
CGMS and that did give me the info, but not until later, I know there are
some areas that can be improved, but what part of diabetes can't? I
wanted a pump with a glucose sensor. but in the mean time I have an htron
plus, and I am thrilled with it, and I am thrilled with the customer
service . I actually dropped my pump today while getting ready to shower,
and it set off an alarm, I called  Disetronic and had the answer
immediately... while I was waiting those few moments, I got my backup
pump out, and had it ready to go... and was thrilled to have the backup
in my hand! I have tried the MM508, and paradign, and Animas, as a CDE
the companies all want me to like their products, that goes for the
meters and pens too, but I didn't like any of the other pumps, I believe
it is a personal preference, which everone ! has different needs and
likes, and I tell patients they have to have met the standards or they
wouldn't be on the market. I tell them I don't care what meter they use,
or why, I just want them to be happy enough with whatever they are using
to take care of their diabetes and test, and use the results to stay as
healthy as possible . Bottom line, until there is a cure, let the
companies compete for our business and come up with better and better
ones!        Bless each and everyone of us, only we know how hard we
 work, and thank the support each of us can give each other.


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