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Re: [IP] Re: Hating Diabetes

If I didn't hate diabetes, I wouldn't have fought the huge and emotionally
draining fight it took to get a pump for my son.  I wouldn't have done a
number of things that make his life easier and healthier for him.  The
hatred is actually very motivating for me.

I handle the cards I was dealt - that does not mean I have to like them.
There is nothing wrong with hating something awful.  Something that may take
my son's life and has certainly impacted his quality of life has, in my
view, given me a reasonable and healthy reason to hate.  YMMV ... but that
doesn't mean those of us who hate diabetes are any less adjusted.


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> Well there's something to be said for this concept that originated
> with the great US Physician, William Welch, who said something like,
> the way to reach a comfortable old age was to contract a chronic
> illness and take care of it.
>    But for me it makes no more sense to hate diabetes than to hate
> curly hair.  You have to handle the cards you are dealt--complaining
> won't get you a new deal.  Or as my dear Jewish mother used to say,
> "We all have our cross to bear."
> -wayne (who's already lived 10 years longer than his healthy normal,
> non-diabetic father)
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