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Re: [IP] Diabetes, Pumping and Dieting HELP!


At one time I did something very close to Atkins.  It was called Protein
Power and I did lose a lot of weight.  In fact I became the poster boy for
my doctor who had me on it.  I did find that after awhile it wasn't working
for me and my weight has been bouncing up and down.

Your diet does not seem outrageous.  I should also point out that I am not a
dietician.  I just love to argue with them! <G>

But, I can see that the vodka and grapefruit juice caused the highest spike
and  many people would love to have a 141 blood glucose level! Maybe vodka
and a diet soda in the future?

If you were to move away from the starchy carbs like potato and the
grapefruit juice you might tend to lose more.

Exercise can be helpful in losing weight and bringing your blood sugars
where you want to be with less use of insulin.  As always YMMV!

Me?  I've got kidney failure so my kidneyologist says no Atkins or Protein
Power for me.  I also just came out of an endecterotomy (rotor router of the
carotid artery) for mini-strokes.  So exercise for now is being severely

Oh well.   At least I am upright again, for now.


> Hello group.  I am interested in knowing how to diet while pumping.  Has
> anyone out there tried the Atkins no carbohydrate diet while pumping?  I
> got to loose weight and my Dr. is absolutely, positively no help at all.
> mentioned the Atkins diet and he said that it was impossible for a
diabetic to
> go on that diet.  He says it's a trade off, the better my glucose levels
> the more weight I put on.  I thought about joining weight watchers, anyone
> there tried it?  I joined Curves for women but had to quit as my sites got
> sore and I had to change them daily because if I didn't I would end up
with a
> sore and site failure.  Since I have been pumping (almost 2 years) I have
> gained 30+ pounds.  I really don't eat but 2 meals a day and here is an
> example.  Yesterday, 10AM (BS 106) 1 pot of coffee with milk.   2PM  (BS
> Lunch, Chicken Salad from Subway, 2 pkgs crackers.  8PM  (BS 114) Dinner
> of baked Orange Roughy, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 1/2 Baked Potato with
> butter.   10PM (BS 96) 1 Vodka & Grapefruit Juice.  Bed Time 1:30AM (BS
> 10AM this morning (BS 78)  Any help would be great!  Thanks, Tina
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