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Re: [IP] Re:Hating Diabetes

> I am not
> on the pump yet because I currently feel like it would
> be too stigmatizing for me.  That I couldn't pass as
> non-diabetic if I went on it.

>From one Kristen to another ;-)

I think you might be surprised how *normal* an insulin pump may make you
feel.  With the pump, it is much easier to regulate your numbers so that
lows like that 28 are less likely to happen.

The pump also allows for that spur of the moment flexibility that MDI robs
you of.  Want to order a pizza at midnight?  Go for it.  Don't feel like
eating and it's lunchtime?  Skip the meal.

With MDI, your long acting insulin peaks when it gets the urge, not when you
need it to.  When you are having a basal of short acting insulin all day,
you can customize it.  If you need twice as much insulin at two am as you do
at two pm, you don't have to create lows every afternoon at 2 to get them,
or be forced to snack then.  Neither do you have to treat a high every
morning when you wake up.

When I have messed with my pump in public, people ask me if that's my pager.
I don't know if I ever recall anyone figuring out on their own what it was.
I have worn it in my pocket for years, with the tubing going from my pocket
to my waist.  I think I have, in 12.5 years, had two people ask about it.
People don't notice or realize what it is, even when you publicly mess with
it.  (It is certainly possible to keep that tubing from showing, too,
though, if those two people asking about it bothers you.)

Having done the MDI routine and the pumping routine for a number of years, I
truly believe that if I wanted to "pass" as a non-diabetic, the pump would
be the easiest way to accomplish that purpose.

There is no need to go on a guilt trip about it, and if it still does not at
all appeal to you, then whatever works for you is all that matters.  But if
you are on the fence, I'd urge you to give it a try.  No one will hold a gun
to your back and force you to continue using it if it makes you miserable!
Try it for six weeks or two months.  See how you feel, the flexibility that
it gives.  Does that compensate for having an object on a leash at your side
at all times?  If not, then quit!  But you never know unless you try how it
will make you feel.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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