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[IP] Weight Watchers

  I believe that this is still one of the best weight loss programs for anyone.
While not currently doing it I was on it for awhile (and didn't do too bad) when
still on shots - my only caution is this - you may want to check out a few
different classes and talk to the instructor about how you are going to have to
track points and CARBS. I found that on a few items the point count and carb
count didn't mesh (as far as typical serving size) (if i remember correctly
grapes was one of those items - had I eaten what they considered a serving it
would have been way too many carbs). I was actually using the worksheets from
the Pumping Insulin Book which has a place for food listing at the bottom and I
would list both the carbs (for me) and the points. it was workable - but the
leader was (unfortunately) quite nasty about the way I was keeping my records.
(their log book and ONLY their log book was proper) She was also one of those
who didn't have a lot of weight to lose to reach her goal and had become a
leader - there are those types. She didn't understand (and nor did she want to)
about the tricky balance of insulin and carbs, and exercise and what a vicious
circle it all can be. There was an instructor that I had had previously that I
know would have been wonderful - unfortunately she had become a manager and was
only leading 1 class across town in the mornings that I couldn't get to.

 I did try one more time after I was on the pump - this time - good instructor -
but the meeting time that worked was a lunchtime one near my office - but it was
in a bowling alley meeting room - that didn't allow you to bring your lunch -
oops - gee when you only have 30 minutes anyway (and are really pushing to sneak
away for 45 to 1 hr) you have to eat during that time. so anyway I decided that
it just wasn't in the cards for me at that time.

 so today - I am right where I was - trying to get enough exercise to make
everytying else work right - but having unpredictable numbers. My budget will
not allow weight watchers at this time - but if it did I would probably go that
route myself.

Good Luck
Linda & Dax
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