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Re: [IP] SpectRx Simple Choice

Don't want to get anyones hopes up, but I think Minimed is going to 
start offering this insertion RSN (real soon now). My rep keeps on 
telling me about a new insertion they're going to start offering that 
will change everything, specifically mentioning the 360 degree rotation, 
slimness, and disconnect at site. Sure sounds like this insertion and I 
know i'm jumping to try one.


Linda Kelly wrote:

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>The sites fit all Luer, are minimally invasive.  I saw an ad for them with the
>site around ribcage area and phoned them.  They did send a Simple Choice
>pamphlet with Alternative Insulin Delivery Products.  Even a Micro Pump in 3
>versions down the road!
>The site has "multiple infusion sites, controlled infusion depth".  It will be
>360 degree rotation at site.  Infusion sets have "smart tubing" which reduces
>kinking & bulkiness, stable connect & release at site, would have to see the
>"FeatherEdge introducer needle to see how it works.
>Whether ins will pay for it when it is available (Just says 2003).
>Interesting things coming.
>I do not work for or hold interest in company. This is for information only.
>Linda K
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