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Re: [IP] DTron+Colours

When I trialed the Dtron plus, I never asked about the colors, but I did
wonder about it.  I got the dark green one everybody is talking about to
trial, and I didn't think it looked bad at all.  In fact, at least compared
to the one they modeled in the ads of the old Dtron, it is a vast
improvement.  Initially I wasn't interested in a trial of the ugly thing
until I saw the plus version.  It is a tremendous improvement, in my

As I said, I never asked about colors, but I did look for information about
other color choices in their literature, or maybe pictures of other colored
pumps, and there was nothing.  Not even words telling that it was available
in any other colors.  My guess was that the dark green was all there was,
but I certainly may be mistaken.

I think you only recognize that it is dark green when you have it up close
or next to something black.  In the ad, I thought it was black.  I really
like that color just fine.  Obviously, YMMV.

Disetronic should be congratulated for taking into consideration the ugly
appearance of the Dtron and doing something about it!  What they have done
is, in my assessment, a vast improvement.  I wouldn't have given the Dtron a
thought, much less a second look.  I had a trial with the Dtron plus and I
actually liked how it looked.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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