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Re: [IP] holding off cuz of diabetes (was Hating Diabetes)

At 03:04 PM 4/9/03, Sara SP AZ wrote:
>I don't want to get to be 60 or 70 and WISH that I had done things!!  I can't
>sit here thinking I am a BAD diabetic regretting all the oreos and ice cream
>and high blood tests and continually PUNISHING myself!!  If we let our
>parents, our doctors and teachers tell us we are bad or FOOLISH when we
>choose to do something "radical" like going to COLLEGE (ridiculous), or
>eating ben and jerry's for breakfast, then we have already LOST!

I agree (although I'm much more closer to that 60 mark than you are, Sara) 
;o)  The first time I had the opportunity to go to Europe, my first thought 
was "I can't do that, what would happen with my diabetes?"  Another person 
talked me into going and I'm so glad I did.  I had a wonderful time.  Sure, 
I had wacko bgs at times, sometimes high, sometimes low, but I still had 
fun.  And this was pre-pump for me too.  I've never regretted my decision 
to go.  And I've been to Europe two more times, flew out to Phoenix all by 
myself last October and flying to see Sara (hugs to you) by myself next 

Don't sit home and not do what you want because of diabetes.  Don't feel 
like you've failed or done badly when those bgs aren't on the mark.  Just 
bolus and correct (or eat and correct) and go on from there.  While it's 
true that some people appear to have an easier time of it, they may 
struggle just as hard as you do.  They just don't show it.  I have been 
accused as being the "perfect" diabetic.   That's not quite accurate.  I 
struggle with bad days just like everyone else does.  I'm frustrated when 
my bg stays high, and I also develop ketones very easily and at lower bgs 
than most.  But along with the bad days, I have good days.  I even have 
GREAT days.  I take the bad with the good and live my life the best way I 
can.  That's all any of us can do.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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