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[IP] hating diabetes: teen hormones


I agree that kids can pick up on emotions and feelings about this disease. As
an RN, I feel I approach the disease more medically than emotionally with
Kevin. (at least to him) My husband is a computer engineer...and he has a very
logical approach to the disease! ha ha. Seriously now, I confirm Kevin's
feelings when he says "he hates diabetes" and agree with him that the disease
"sucks!" but we don't get bogged down with the emotion. I try and point out
how far we have come just in his 4.5 years of dealing with it...without
downplaying the emotion he feels. I know it must be hard on him...as it is on
us as parents! Kevin does not feel like damaged goods in any way, or a burden
to us. He knows that we are a team in this "adventure" and that we can talk
openly about all aspects of the disease together at all times. I feel it is
good for us to vent how we feel to him as well as he does to us so he knows he
is not alone in this. We tell him we truly feel his anguish...and it sucks to
have to check him in the middle of the night...but we do it with love and
would never consider NOT doing it!

Thanks for your thoughts though...

Mom to Kevin

Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 11:58:46 -0500
From: "jhughey" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re:  Hating Diabetes - teen hormones

Robin wrote:
>>>I hate this disease! Kevin is getting very down from it all too! He feels
"awful" all the time!>>>


I know you are an involved mom and very close to Kevin and it sounds from
that one sentence that it is a shared feeling. Please take this kindly, but
I hope Kevin isn't picking up any *hating* from you and he feels like he is
damaged goods in his mom's eyes and has let you down. Kids want to please
their parents (for the most part) and he may feel he's failing in something
he has no control over and it won't change.
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