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[IP] Glucowatch/CGMS and Paradigm

> Also, I have been terribly displeased with the company
> (Sankyo, etc.)  and their service.  Also, they are not taking any watches
> back from the many people who are so very displeased.  Doesn't sit well
> the insurance companies.

This seems to be the trend I'm noticing from the reviews here.  Even those
who "like" the glucowatch acknowledge plenty of skips and irritation that
lasts a long time.  But an abnormally large number of people are saying
either that it didn't work or didn't work up to par for all the trouble it
was to use.

Along with that too high percentage of people who didn't like it, we get the
news that, absolutely, they won't take it back, and the kind of "help"
people report getting is "buy more sensors and try again."  I don't call
that customer service.

It would be great to have something like that that actually worked, but,
bottom line, it is only as good as the company that stands behind it.  It
sounds to me like this company isn't too interested in building a loyal
client base.  It is driving people away.

I'm all set to wait some more for a real product that works well for people
and has a company that stands behind it.

Hey, while I'm complaining about this (though not from personal experience
with the glucowatch above), I just remembered something.  A couple of years
ago (or was it three?), there was a meeting at my hospital telling us about
the wonders of the continuous glucose monitoring system by MM.  My doctor's
office has one and has used it with a number of patients.  They talked about
what they had learned with it.  That appointment was one of the first times
I learned about it and I went to the meeting to find out what I could.

I remember being disappointed at that time that it was too expensive for
routine use and didn't even reveal the readings at the time they were
obtained.  (Besides, it seemed to me a rather cumbersome prospect, to wear
basically two pumps for a while.)  In the meeting, we were wowed by this new
technology and were told that they were working on a pump that would
incorporate both the CGMS technology (readily available to the user, of
course) and an insulin pump in one unit.  It was estimated that it would be
available within a couple of years.

Then I got notice of a meeting a year or two later promoting the latest MM
pump.  It's name?  Drum roll please . . . The Paradigm.

I remembered the promises of that meeting on the CGMS.  This pump was not
named anything like their ordinary names.  I would have expected a new 509!
I can remember rushing to the MM website in anticipation.  Was this *It*!?!
The pump/glucose sensor all in one?!  I remember real disappointment when I
discovered that not only was it NOT a glucose sensor, but it actually only
had a significantly reduced sized reservoir.  Not only was it not the pump I
expected when I read the name; it even had a feature that I knew right away
I didn't want.  My subsequent pregnancy with my daughter only served to
confirm that the wimpy reservoir was something I absolutely did not want.

When I started pump shopping last fall, I was again hit by the irony of that
name.  Paradigm.  The expectation that it built up in me with a name like
that, only to be let down by . . . an ordinary pump with a feature that I
couldn't use.

I fear I'm coming across as overly harsh against MM here, and that isn't at
all my intent.  They are a good company that has developed one fine product
after another, and backed it with great customer support.  My experience as
a MM user since 1990 has been fabulous.  But I can't help but wonder if that
name, Paradigm, was a name whose time had not yet come.  Perhaps it would
have been wiser to choose a name a tad less pretentious.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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