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[IP] dieting and overeating when low

Hi everyone, 
 That's interesting that someone wrote about dieting- I'm so frustrated with
mine because of lows! I've found that I have a really hard time not overeating
when I'm low and end up eating at least 500 calories to bring my BS up.
Considering I've been low at least once for the past week (I'm working on trying
to fix that) it's been awful for my diet. I'm also realizing that I eat 1000
calories or so if I get low in the middle of the night since by the time the low
wakes me up I'm pretty frantic! That's almost what I eat in a day! Does anyone
have any suggestions on how to not overeat, especially at night? I wanted to
tell Tina also that I'm on Jenny Craig and love it. It's based off the ADA
nutrition guides and has all food labeled. It's also really good food. Good
luck, although it doesn't look like you're eating much. Can you keep a log with
all the food you eat and give it to your doctor? If you're not eating much and
still gaining weight, you may want to get test!
 ed for other possible causes of weight gain.  Just a thought. 

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 20:25:35 -0500
From: "Richard's Steakhouse" 
Subject: [IP] Diabetes, Pumping and Dieting HELP!

Hello group. I am interested in knowing how to diet while pumping. Has
anyone out there tried the Atkins no carbohydrate diet while pumping? I have
got to loose weight and my Dr. is absolutely, positively no help at all. I
mentioned the Atkins diet and he said that it was impossible for a diabetic to
go on that diet. He says it's a trade off, the better my glucose levels are
the more weight I put on. I thought about joining weight watchers, anyone out
there tried it? I joined Curves for women but had to quit as my sites got
sore and I had to change them daily because if I didn't I would end up with a
sore and site failure. Since I have been pumping (almost 2 years) I have
gained 30+ pounds. I really don't eat but 2 meals a day and here is an
example. Yesterday, 10AM (BS 106) 1 pot of coffee with milk. 2PM (BS 129)
Lunch, Chicken Salad from Subway, 2 pkgs crackers. 8PM (BS 114) Dinner 6oz
of baked Orange Roughy, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 1/2 Baked Potato with
butter. 10PM (BS 96) 1 Vodka & Grapefruit Juice. Bed Time 1:30AM (BS 141)
10AM this morning (BS 78) Any help would be great! Thanks, Tina
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