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[IP] The never ending search for the perfect pump

Hi All

Well it has been a few months and I have finally decided to go with The MM508.
After looking into a few pumps even though the 508 can't make coffee , doesn't
calculate the flying time between the upper east side and the lower east side
or even entertain me on those lonely rainy Saturday afternoons it does how
ever keep track of my history far enough back on board and its large display
is simple to use.  It could be that I also have fallen in love with my first
but all considered I think I have grown attached to my 508.

Thanks all for help and guidance offered along the way.

I must just once again say though not an actively participating member of the
list I sure do get a lot out of reading all the email that passed threw my
inbox on the way to other secret places as yet undiscovered and untold.

Dx 27-Dec-79
MiniMed Pumping 27-Jan-03
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