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[IP] Re: Hating Diabetes - teen hormones

Robin wrote:
>>>I hate this disease! Kevin is getting very down from it all too! He feels
"awful" all the time!>>>


I know you are an involved mom and very close to Kevin and it sounds from
that one sentence that it is a shared feeling. Please take this kindly, but
I hope Kevin isn't picking up any *hating* from you and he feels like he is
damaged goods in his mom's eyes and has let you down. Kids want to please
their parents (for the most part) and he may feel he's failing in something
he has no control over and it won't change.

Parents should try their best to not show discouragement since the offspring
cannot change a thing about having this disease and for years from now when
out on their own, have their childhood memories and those *stick* with them
for a lifetime.

I'm probably in trouble on this list (again!) <s> for this, but Dr. Phil
would probably agree with me. ;-) He says childred have antennae that pick
up things we are not aware of.

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