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[IP] holding off cuz of diabetes LONG

Anna wrote:
> After 13 years of postponing the purchase of a sailboat (because of
> diabetes) we finally bought one and look forward to....cruising 
> SNIP What an encouragement to me to wake up this morning and
> see your post.  With careful planning, we feel comfortable now and 
> your post confirmed our thoughts........maybe we should have not waited 

CONGRATULATIONS!!  that is great.  Don't regret waiting - merely rejoice that 
you are going forward! It is my personal conviction that diabetes should 
NEVER hold someone (ME especially) back from doing anything!!  There HAS to 
be a way around, over, through or under ANY obstacle.  As the recent spate of 
"hating diabetes" emails has noted, it does SUCK to have this crappy disease, 
and yes there are some terrible complications that many of us are suffering 
from already or will face in the future, and indeed, some of us are gonna DIE 
from these complication...but then again, some of us are gonna die crossing 
the street.  All you can do is live your life.  And not live it in FEAR!!  

If I had held back doing the things I have done because it wasn't a "safe" or 
"prudent" thing for a diabetic to do, I wouldn't have gone to Europe alone at 
age 17 (with 150 plastic encased monoject syringes), I would not have learned 
how to rock climb, I would not have pulled all night rehearsals session...I 
might not have gone to college and earned two degrees...I might not have 
lived in as many fun, exciting places, or done the amazing things I have been 
able to do, including going sailing on a last minute whim! I literally 
decided to go on Friday and left aTuesday morning!!

It is Defiinitely BECAUSE of diabetes that i am the strong capable person 
that I am, so if I have to be cursed, I guess I can see the good in it 
(someone please remind me of this positive attitude when my kidneys go down 
another notch, ok??)

I don't want to get to be 60 or 70 and WISH that I had done things!!  I can't 
sit here thinking I am a BAD diabetic regretting all the oreos and ice cream 
and high blood tests and continually PUNISHING myself!!  If we let our 
parents, our doctors and teachers tell us we are bad or FOOLISH when we 
choose to do something "radical" like going to COLLEGE (ridiculous), or 
eating ben and jerry's for breakfast, then we have already LOST!

To the girl who was diagnosed at 22 (leeann?) and who was thinking about NOT 
going to vet school....for god's sake, GO!  maybe take a year to get yourself 
straightened out and on a smooth course.  You were in a honeymoon stage with 
your insulin needs the first couple of years!  Insulin needs change ALL the 
time!!!!!  Just cuz you need 20 units/day this week does NOT mean you will 
not need 50/day next year!!!  It is just the way your body works!!  you MUST 
accept it and learn how to deal with it and do NOT let it stop you.  Believe 
me, many of us have been in your exact Nikes, at college, with boys and beers 
and classes and binges...and diabetes.  so PLEASE, don't give up!

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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