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[IP] Re: Hating Diabetes

Hi Kelby:   Take heart!  Living with diabetes doesn't have to mean 
giving up your dreams.  I was diagnosed twelve years ago and over time 
have begun to regard having a chronic disease as a gift.  First of all, 
because I've learned to pay attention to the effect of food and exercise 
on health and performance, I'm much healthier than many of my friends 
and colleagues.  Secondly, having once been diagnosed I knew why I had 
mood swings and was hungry all the time and lacked energy. (Some of it 
was hormonal changes due to aging, some of it was the result of 
constantly changing blood sugar levels.)  Knowledge is power.  Now, if 
I'm cranky or so sleepy I want to curl up and sleeeeeep, I check blood 
sugars and, sure enough, they confirm that I should have passed up that 
pint of ice cream or 4 slices of pizza.  Exercising does present a 
challenge. Since I'm new to the pump, I'm just beginning to work with 
all the variables involved....and not being very successful.....yet. 
 Apply to vet school.  In the last 12 years  I earned a second master's 
degree (in librarianship) and changed careers....and this happened in my 
late 40's.  You go, girl!   One of the endo's I worked with several 
years back gave me this advice as I sat in his office crying about how 
hard it is to live with this disease.  He said "Identify yourself as a 
person with diabetes, not as a diabetic."  Shifting the emphasis back to 
my being a person first helps.  Now I just factor in the adjustments 
necessary to live well with diabetes along with all the other annoyances 
I have no control over....bad weather, high taxes, mean people, food 
prices, etc. etc. etc.  and then,  I get on with working towards my goals.

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