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Re: [IP] Clock change and wacko blood sugars

I am having a problem with my levels since Sunday also but didn't really 
think about it being related to the time change. I woke up well over 200, 
where I never get to, and can't seem to get back to my excellent control 
since. The reason I didn't think of the time change is that I also woke up 
not feeling well. I guess the not feeling well could be contributed to the 
high blood sugars. I have changed my site twice since Sunday thinking that 
this might help. It does for a few hours and then I'm back to being out of 
wack. I guess I could also use some help on this subject, too. Oh, I changed 
my morning basal rate this morning to see if that helps. Sorry I can't be of 
any help.
                                                       pumping since 10/03
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