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[IP] RE: Hating diabetes

Kelby, and Leann, and the others who have posted about this, I just wanted to 
tell you that I hate this disease too, and you're not alone.  I think I've 
had it longer than you have (at least from what I gather from your posts); 
I'm 32 and have been diabetic since I was 11.  I do go through periods where 
my control is ok, and I feel pretty good, but I also go through long periods 
of being frustrated and unhappy because something I can't completely control 
affects my body so much.  I wanted to let you know you're not alone in the 
minority; I often feel bad when I read posts from people here who have such 
great attitudes about it.  Sometimes that is inspiring, though, and makes me 
feel a little better.

My measly piece of advice is not to feel bad about feeling bad about it.  
You're right; it's not cancer or AIDS.  But it is a chronic, long-term 
disease that you have to deal with every day, that changes your life when you 
are diagnosed.  It may not be as life-threatening as cancer or AIDS can be, 
but it is life-changing.  Allow yourself to feel bitter or angry or sad or 
frustrated or however you feel; doing that actually makes room for me to feel 
better and to let it go a little.

I don't mean to get up on a soapbox or preach or anything like that, because 
I struggle with this disease too.  But these kinds of things have helped me.  
And I think everyone understands the need to vent; sometimes it makes others 
feel not so alone!

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