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Re:[IP] Joslin and how soon to start pumping

>Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 16:31:09 -0400
>From: "Phoenix Becker" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Joslin and how soon to start pumping
>email @ redacted writes:
>>I used the opportunity of attending DOIT to talk to many workers there 
>>get connections to eventually determine an endo I wanted to switch to.
>  I'm glad you've had better luck with Joslin. I actually thought about 
going to
>that DOIT thing several years ago just to network for a better Endo, but 
>was the only thing I could hope to get out of it, and it was not covered 
by my
> so I never went. I did suspect that their must be a few good endos 
>though they sure make them hard to find!

Even though I had only been diabetic for 5 months when I attended, there 
was very little actual knowledge I got from DOIT some of the long term 
people who were not current with carb counting etc got more out of it.  I 
did get the networking with the Joslin people, and my first opportunity to 
meet other diabetics, and it was covered by insurance for me, so it was 
useful.  The other thing is that I made a good connection with an exercise 
physiologist which isn't usually covered by insurance, and I stayed in 
contact with her for several months afterwards while fine tuning 
adjustments for exercise.  There is a new program they are starting up 
similar to DOIT but on pumping, where they hook you up to CGMS for 3-4 
days and you do some classes and meet with drs and exercise people etc. 
The benefit I see in this is that I believe they would look at your CGMS 
output each day so you can tweak while you are still using it instead of 
not seeing the data until after you are done using it.  I think they are 
starting this program this month and plan to offer it one week a month.

ps- I have recommended my endo on the referral page for IP, and I think 
there are a couple other Joslin dr's there also.

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