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[IP] Re:Hating Diabetes


Please do not despair.  Okay, that said, of course you
are going to.  I have been on insulin 5 months.  Was
diagnosed as Type 2 2 years ago at the age of 22 and
put on pills which of course did not work.  So, in the
5 months I have been on insulin I have had relatively
good control (brought my A1C from 9 something to 6.4).
 That is not to say I don't have crazy highs and crazy
lows.  I went down to 28 last week at school.  I have
also had bs's around 250 that took 12 hours and 12
units of insulin to bring down.  

I think that it is incredibly hard to live your life
one way for 20 some years and then have your entire
world change in what seems like an instant.  I am not
on the pump yet because I currently feel like it would
be too stigmatizing for me.  That I couldn't pass as
non-diabetic if I went on it.  Is that the right
attitude? Hell, no! But it is how I feel.  I also get
depressed and want to vent but then think, things
could be so much worse!  I could have cancer (someone
close to me has that) or AIDS (someone close to me has
that too) or someother major illness.  People who
don't have D. have no idea what it is like.  

About school, GO FOR IT!  Can I say it any more
strongly!  Do not let this hold you back because if
you do, your depression will just increase.  I am in
graduate school for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and
yeah, it is hard, but it is do-able.  I am also trying
to get pregnant and am not going to take time off of
school.  D. does control my life, it controls what I
can eat, how I pack to travel, when I can eat, etc.
BUT I can still have quality of life.  

Please don't despair! Take things meal to meal, minute
by minute if you need to.  Don't ever feel like you
can't vent.  

Have a great day, Kristen

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