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RE: [IP] Hating Diabetes

I hate it and I'm exhausted all the time trying to control it.
hate it hate it... and I know that things in life happen for a purpose...
 well they do for me ... But I haven't quite figured out why this happened

	I've yet to meet anyone who can actually say that they "like or love" being
a diabetic now have you???? :)

	Listen, we all have to deal with the cards which were dealt to us and some
have good cards and others have rotten cards and some are just in between.

	I hate being diabetic just as much as the next guy but you know something?
After all these years and I wrack my brain out trying to figure out what the
heck I'm doing wrong that sometimes my b.g. go crazy.....I've just finally
given up and go with the flow.

	There are no realistic answers to exactly why these things happen and the
experts can't even tell you why so why go nuts about it?

	There are days when I just wish I could have just one day to eat whatever I
wanted without figuring out how many carbs I'm eating and how much insulin
I'm supposed to bolus for it or that it has too much fat, etc. etc.  But I
know that's not a realistic thing so I just plod on.

	I mean yesterday I was sitting there eating grapefruit which I had cut up
and sectioned and I know I overate what I should have and took insulin for
it, but geez, I went up into the 400's and had to take even more insulin.
For a normal person, they would think nothing about how many pieces of
grapefruit they had eaten, figuring it was a healthy thing to be snacking on
but for us......nothing is "free" except for water!!!  :(

	Life goes on and we plod through each day and hope for the best and that's
all we can hope for now until one day when there is a cure!

	Wishing everyone the patience and strength and wisdom to deal with this
disease each and every day of your lives...

	Kathy B.
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