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[IP] Hating Diabetes

Oh, Jan,

I want camp to happen right now so much you wouldn't even believe it.  I 
need to bitch to people who understand!

And don't buy the cigarettes.


At 10:37 PM 4/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
 >Count me in.
 >I'm not getting along too well with diabetes right now, either. I stopped
 >smoking, gained weight and haven't gotten a handle yet on my new insulin
 >requirements. At one point today, I checked my memory and I'd taken 20 units
 >of bolus insulin -- and only 4 of those were to cover food. The rest were to
 >try and get my BGs down.
 >I need to lose weight, but it's difficult when I'm pumping all of that 
 >fat-storage hormone into my body. I'm thinking about going out and buying a
 >pack of cigarettes again!
 >At any rate, you're not alone. I'm frustrated as all get-out right now
 >Jan and ElvisToo
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