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Re: [IP] Hating Diabetes

Boy I didn't think I was going to pipe in on this thread but we are now 
heading into puberty and hormones with Josh.  Only he is going to be very 
'weird' like his mom.  The hormones are actually causing him to go 
HYPO..that's right not up but down.  He has been so low the past few days and 
we keep dropping things back and lowering his bolus ratios from 10-12 now up 
to 25 and he still will be under 100 2 hours later.  He is back in school now 
from spring break and back on a schedule.  But so far he keeps crashing.  
Shoot today he was almost dry on his cartridge and usually he will start 
going up during the last 20 units of a cartridge.  Today he was 55 when I 
went to switch out cartridges.  So much for going high!

But I must admit, with all the ups and downs of this disease I still am so 
'grateful' that is is ONLY diabetes that my son was diagnosed with 5.5+ years 
ago and not something like leukemia or some other cancer that a lot of kids 
never recover from.

No I will take diabetes instead and we will just roll with what it gives us.  
There is no controling this disease.  It has taken me a LONG time to come to 
realize that and to not get upset over it.  It takes patience and 
understanding and constant checking.  But beyond that we have no control.  
Especially in a young body that is going beserk anyway!!!

mom to Joshua
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