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[IP] Re: Hating diabetes

Hi All,
I just want to thank the people who wrote about how much they hate this
disease.  I also want to thank the people who are doing great and write about
that too.  It's inspirational to hear the positive stories and it's comforting
in a strange way to hear the not-so-positive stories when I'm in a
not-so-positive place (I like to be there in good company).  Having diabetes
is like my blood sugars (highs and lows).  Some days I think "This isn't so
bad...I'm handling this...this disease has been great because I have such an
appreciation for my health." While other days I just think "This really really
sucks!  I will never get this under control!!".  But I have to tell you that
I'm ALWAYS grateful to have this list and for all the people here because you
are the only ones who really REALLY understand me or at least the me that is
tied to this complicated disease.  Even the most caring and sensitive
non-diabetics will never "get it" the way another diabetic does.

I guess that's all I wanted to say.
kindest regards,
email @ redacted
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