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[IP] pumping at sea...and not the bilge pump

i made it back in one piece...one tan, well rested, don't wanna be here 
"peace"....in case you don't rememeber, i just spent the last week on a 
sailboat cruising around the islands of Guadalupe and Antigua (that is the 
Caribbean for those of us geographically challenged).  It was GLORIOUS being 
away from the computer, the job, the TV with its unending war 
mongering.....gorgeous weather, wonderful people, nice boat!

Even though I have never had a problem in my 10 years of pump traveling (30 
flights last year alone...gonna be close to that by the end of the month for 
this year....), I had asked my doctor to email me a letter of medical 
necessity to accompany my written prescriptions...he was unable to get me 
one, but it turns out i never even needed it...no one in San Juan, Dallas, 
Tucson, Point a Pitre Guadaloupe or Antigua even ASKED a question about the 
2inch reservoirs, the 10 lancets (i know, i know, a year's supply [or more] 
for some people), the 10 just-in-case syringes....I was almost disappointed I 
didn't have to explain any of it in French!

I ate and drank like a glutton...and used less than 22 units of insulin a 
DAY, usual is like 29-32.....snorkeled (pumpless - and was 138 an hour and a 
half later.....), rode in the dinghy, hung over the back of the boat in 30 
knot winds heeled over almost to 90 degrees....i still have an indentation on 
my hip bone where the pump was ground into me on that one....

Here is one for the data banks....did you know sea sickness feels EXACTLY 
like DKA (at least for me)?  When I could bear to raise my head for the 45 
seconds required on my trusty profile, I was almost always low or in a good 
range when i was sea sick, but it felt like how I feel when I am in that 
300/400 range....good thing i was on a pump and could suspend or put in a 
temp basal, cuz there is NO eating when you are seasick...even if everyone 
ELSE on the damn boat is eating scrambled eggs....bleahhh....  did you know 
that if you take dex tabs when you are low AND sea sick, you can virtually 
guarantee throwing up??  must have somethng to do with that ascorbic 
acid....next time I will try skittles.

nice to be home for 36 hours....i leave for salt lake on thursday....

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